Participatory Photography 

A few years ago I ran my first participatory photography workshop with a small educational centre in Ahmedabad, India. I spent 3 days with the group of children, with ages ranging from 8 to 16, exploring their local environment and community. They were left to roam the streets and houses alone, but also took time to explore some other locations in Gujarat, including a temple. The images below that were taken by the students still blow me away. 


This community in Ahmedabad has suffered a great deal in the past from resource and financial poverty to religious and ethnic violence. The Arzoo Kids project, led by Suleikha Ali, works to bring the communities together, and offers vital education and support to children of all ages and backgrounds. It's truly inspiring work.


It's amazing how children can so easily break through the barriers around use of technology and the creative process, and just dive in there without fear. 


Taken using a very old and low spec compact camera, this image is one of my favourite of all time. Sadly, I lost track during the day, of who took it and who the family were. One important lesson I will take with me to the next workshop.